It’s all about the thrill.

At some point in your own journey, you’ve imagined escaping, not to any place in particular, just breaking free from the rat race they call life. Winding down the windows and unleashing yourself with no regard for consequence. It’s that fleeting moment where that white knuckled, adrenalized thrill far outweighs the final destination . . . a feeling that’s so unnatural within your day to day social commute.

I am a creative leader. Creative at task and committed to producing the best work the world will see.

I started out in the digital field during the burgeoning dot com era. In 1995, I built my first website and eventually found myself working at Boxtop Interactive. That company became the publicly traded iXL and allowed me to design websites for the likes of Marilyn Manson, Alanis Morrissette, Playboy and Howard Stern. All entertainment properties that shaped the way to “celebrify” a voice online.

And of course, I was always experimenting with new ideas, programs, brushes, paints and pens. I decided to start blurring the line between digital and analogue to build a better story. Also, it didn’t hurt that I had a background in street art. Street art taught me how to plan, paint and produce the ads that people see today. That science is something that you learn on the ground through trial and tribulation. There are no schools for this or college papers. Just a thought and an unshakable tenacity to make it real. In fact, those experiences have led me here today in where I can sell the big idea with complete vigilance.

After the digital bust, I submerged myself into the ad business. Fortunately for me, agencies had begun to embrace a brand’s digital arm. At Chiat, I worked on Nissan, Sony Playstation and Apple. It was here that I learned that the art of storytelling is the most important God particle needed. Under the mentorship of several key Chiat leaders, I was able to leave with a more refined understanding as to what resonates with the audience: the story.

To build those stories, I have assembled teams of varied levels. I look to work with people who are both calculated risk takers and not afraid to be light hearted when the moment arises. My belief is that if you can get over 2 million followers on Instagram it means nothing if you don’t have the right people to build the right story.

Traditional + Digital Understanding
Art Direction
Creative Management
Interactive Design
Social Design
Concept Development
Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Knowledge
Post Production

Adobe XD
Working knowledge After Effects
Microsoft Suite
Adobe Suite