Comic-Con : Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Edition

What vehicle would help you survive the ultimate zombie apocalypse? How would you operate it in this vast wasteland once called Earth?

Well, when INNOCEAN, Hyundai’s ad agency, asked my writing partner,Regie Miller, and I to come up with an automobile that could fit the bill, we went to task with this butt kicking ride…the 2013 Elantra Coupe Zombie ZSE.

The owner’s manual was our brainchild and it was to be integrated into a larger campaign for Comic-Con 2013 and the Hyundai Undead viral campaign. Robert Kirkman, the creator for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” would debut the “zombified” Elantra Coupe and our owner’s manual.

From start to finish, we worked with Future US and Skybound to deliver creative work that spoke to “The Walking Dead” fans in a a seamless and organic way. The goal was to be a part of The Walking Dead world and not be “gimmicky”. We were also asked to create several other portions of key art and prints.

Only 500 of these books were made and distributed at Comic-Con. They are now considered rare and a limited collector’s item for any fan of the comic book or show.

Even more so, only 25 were signed and numbered by Robert Kirkman himself!

To make this even more amazing, the car was actually built for fanboys to see in San Diego.
Hyundai was so impressed with our work, they agreed to pay over $40 million in revenue for a new Walking Dead campaign the following year.

Photos courtesy of Future US and Skybound.

Role: Associate Creative Director
Agency: Innocean USA