Street Art x Samsung Note 5

The Challenge
Although Samsung created the phablet, competitors quickly saturated the category. In preparation for the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note5, we needed a defining experience to reclaim our stake as innovator. The Note 5 was the first to include the stylus, designed not only for productivity, but for creativity. Success meant demonstrating a desire for this new device.

What We Did
We created an awe-inspiring never been done before experience at the Austin City Limit Festival, where two street art legends, Apexer and Saber, painted a live mural. Festival attendees could then create on a Note5 alongside the artists, with their art shown digitally within the mural.

Our live mural drew crowds throughout the four-day activation and was captured in an anthemic hyperlapse video. The event became an emblem of Samsung originality, innovation and the spirit of creativity, driving home that the Note5 is more relevant than ever.

What Happened?
This historical event was a huge hit and helped propel the strongest Samsung Note launch. Ever.
In fact, this type of crossover between the world of street art and technology has never been done before.

– Over 5,000 Samsung owners had 1:1 personal interactions
– 4,000 new subscribers added to the Samsung tribe
– Over 90% said they were likely to repurchase Samsung

Role:       Managing Creative Director
Agency:  Rosetta / Razorfish