The Challenge
How do we demonstrate Samsung Owners being themselves in a truly personal way? What better way then to delve deep into Coachella and capture our Owners doing what they do in their unique way.

What We Did
We built our one-to-one engagement model on 650 million pieces of individualized, opted-in data points generated by handset behaviors, including app downloads, usage frequency, content types,
geo-location and identity data provided at device registration. A quantitative segmentation study provided basic overlays of attitude and behavior models. We then built models of content types, subject types and offer models that could be delivered through push notification, email and an owner engagement app.

We then orchestrated an engagement experience built on personalized passions (as reflected in segments and existing phone behaviors) and moments of truth (time-based on length of ownership, experience with brand). And, to broadcast it loud and proud, we delivered a cross section of our audience who were at Coachella. They exhibited their Samsung colors with art and music…their passion points. These were not actors but REAL OWNERS with their devices in the wild.

The Owners Discovered
For our campaign launch, we introduced Owners from various walks of life who embodied the life hack, customized personas that make up our Samsung DNA. Consumers discovered them through an immersive online platform showcasing their stories through video and social media channels. Their stories helped us launch people and the Samsung mantra of “Every Day Bravery”.

Role:       Managing Creative Director
Agency:  Rosetta / Razorfish