SuperBowl XLVI “All For One” App

SuperBowl! SuperBowl! SuperBowl!

What’s more important than a SuperBowl spot? Arguably, nothing. The Hyundai “All-For-One” campaign was a viral vehicle designed to shed light on the proud company of Hyundai. And ya, that’s the Rocky theme you hear real Hyundai employees singing.

The idea was to have people SoundHound this national spot during the SuperBowl and upload their own “tries”. The “tries” could be sent to friends as a Facebook post. Baked into this post would be Hyundai employees singing the Rocky theme for whatever you want to encourage a friend to do.

This campaign was put together over the course of six weeks and required three positions: mobile, social media and broadcast.

Role:       Associate Creative Director
Agency:   Innocean