Samsung Owner Stories

The Challenge
While Samsung was known for its innovative products and celebrity endorsers, it still lived in the shadow of the leading brand. Samsung needed to find an authentic identity – something people could relate to, get excited about and feel loyalty for.

What We Did
We realized Samsung’s true essence already existed in its owners: underdogs and rule-breakers. As Samsung was a challenger brand, they, too, challenged the status quo. By embracing this dimension of its owners, Samsung began to connect with people in a meaningful way, beyond the product itself.

The Heroes
For our campaign launch, we introduced three Samsung Owners who embodied the nonconformist spirit at the core of the Samsung DNA. Consumers discovered them through an immersive online platform showcasing their stories through video and social media channels. Inspired by the response these three generated, we uncovered more authentic Samsung Owners and began featuring them in in follow-up campaigns.

Role:       Managing Creative Director
Agency:  Rosetta / Razorfish