Samsung x Best Buy Retail Exploration

The Challenge
Our challenge was to create a new Samsung footprint in their biggest Best Buy locations. These “meccas” were to be a direct, delightful contrary to Apple’s retail locations. All the magical effect with their fetish devices to match, Apple had a stranglehold on the ultimate boutique experience. Our goal was to equal if not match this with an experience worthy to talk about.

What We Did
The client asked that we rethink how technology, fashion and presentation would connect with consumers. To handle this project, our team concepted a new future thinking footprint. We examined the current retail experience and highlighted key immersive opportunities. This included back lit product showcases, smart path processing, and a virtual host that could sense what mobile device you currently own. Imagine a retail space that actually knows you the minute you walk in and recommends whats best for you.

Heavily influenced by the work of Syd Mead and Tron: Legacy’s, Ben Proctor, we were able to envision a one of kind Samsung experience like no other.

The Result
Our design exploration encouraged Samsung to revisit the look and feel of their Best Buy footprint. By referencing our work, the client refreshed their 2015 look and feel. Our design exploration served as reference for a phased redesign roll out.

Role: Managing Creative Director
Agency: Rosetta / Razorfish

Agency: Rosetta
Client: Samsung